FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS FOR Bonner County Daily Bee iServices


Q: How can I contact the Press about my subscription?

Contact our Circulation Department at circulation@bonnercountydailybee.com, or you may call us at 208-263-9534

Q: What if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, please use the "Forgot Password?" link on the Login page.

Q: How do I change my password?

Login and proceed to "Change Account Info". You will be prompted for your current and your desired new password.

Q: Whom do I contact and what information do you need me to send when I discover that there is a problem with your website?

If you experience a problem navigating our sites, please email us at circulation@bonnercountydailybee.com and describe in as much detail as possible, including the steps you take leading up to it, how often it occurs, and the exact text of any error message that you receive. The information you provide will help us to find a solution more quickly.

Q: What customer services are available?

You can request the following services online:
  • Review activity on your account
  • Report a service issue
  • Temporarily suspend and restart delivery of your newspaper
  • Donate to the Newspaper in Education Program
  • Register a delivery problem
  • Make one-time or continuous credit card or bank draft payments
  • Start a new subscription or restart an old stopped subscription
  • Leave a tip for your carrier to thank them for providing great delivery service


Q: What are my options for temporarily suspending my delivery service while out of town?

If you notify us in advance, we will suspend delivery while you are away. Proceed to "Temp Stops and Restarts" to notify us of your vacation and to stop and restart delivery. The lead-time to suspend an order varies by area. In most areas, suspensions can take effect in two days or less from the date you make the request. You may choose from two options when you request a suspension. You can request that all copies of the paper be held and delivered in a vacation pack when you return. Or, you can donate your vacation copies to students through our Newspaper in Education program. You will be billed as usual for the period.

Q: What should I do if my newspaper does not arrive or if sections are missing?

Log in and proceed to "How are we Doing" if your newspaper has not arrived by the guaranteed delivery time (5:30 am Tuesday - Saturday or 7 am Sunday). Also, you may notify us of missing or damaged sections on this page as well. In most areas, if we receive your request before 11:00 am we can redeliver another paper or the missing sections to you the same day. If you would like a redelivery, call us at 208-263-9534. Otherwise we will apply a credit to your account. Only credits for the same day can be obtained on this site. Credits for missing deliveries for previous days must be requested from a customer service representative. To receive an account extension for a missed delivery from a previous day you must contact the Customer Service department by calling 208-263-9534.

Q: Is it necessary to call to restart my subscription after it has been temporarily suspended?

If you provide a restart date when you suspend delivery you do not need to call again to restart your delivery. However, if the restart date has changed, or was not provided when the account was suspended, you will need to speak to a customer service representative.

Q: Where can I purchase another print subscription?

You can purchase these items by visiting the New Subscription link on your main menu or the Not a Subscriber link on the login page.